The Pretty Girl’s Book Club

The origins of The Pretty Girl’s Book Club lie in a blogpost I wrote on July 16, 2012 entitled ‘Probably Shouldn’t Ask Me to Run Your Book Club’. I…was kind of depressed at the time. So, I was toying with the idea of reading a few famous works of literature dealing with depression and then “meta-reviewing” them. I also had a few amusing conversations with friends of mine who attempted to dissuade me from this idea. Stubborn as ever, I went right ahead. From this I began writing a book entitled The Pretty Depressed Girl’s Book Club.

After I began writing it, I started anew, wondering what it would be like to do it again, this time with literature that engaged with Catholicism. These books I read and analyzed while reflecting upon my own religious faith. This would be called The Pretty Catholic Girl’s Book Club.

After dedicating so much time to this, and finding that it bizarrely made me feel loads better, I wanted a place online where I could store these workings, explain various elements of literary theory and basically poke fun at myself and literature while still reflecting upon and engaging with the books I’d read intellectually. A big ask? Probably. But, nevertheless, the concept of The Pretty Girl’s Book Club was born.

Eventually I’d like it to become more participatory and I’ll admit I haven’t quite worked out how I’m going to share this all with everyone but this will be the place to check in for updates.