Living in the Bright Side: Love, Shoutouts and Virtual Hugs to God, the Universe and Some Awesome People


We’re only 24 days in and already 2013 is kicking 2012′s ass. It’s like being immersed in light which makes it hella easy to look at the bright side. I’ve talked about how I dislike set days for gratitude but today feels like a perfect day to discuss the things I am excited about and thankful for.

As you can see, my blog has now been Shatterboxx’d! So gorgeous, so worth the wait. My Internet home has been done to the nines and I am thrilled.

Soon my new business and its website, with header also by Shatterboxx, will be launched. EEEK! Life progress.

Everything is signed and paid for and I will be moving into my Portland pad on March 1st!

I keep making amazing connections with people and building on old ones and it just feels like I’m surrounded by supportive and like-minded people.

I’m so thankful I have Kristen and that I’ve had her around for as long as I have. I can still remember that day in middle school when we went from mutual hatred to BFF’s over one lunch hour and the journey has been sweet ever since. Right now we’re making road trip plans and I’m anxiously awaiting the inevitable day she makes her reality TV debut.

Despite sending us spiraling into exhaustion leading to Paul Rudd levels of spaciness, it’s been a great bonding experience to do some grant writing with Rachael. I adore this girl for a million reasons. She is my Internet roommate and she enjoys my dirty sense of humor even when I blatantly take it too far. In short, I always appreciate her. Yesterday, however, I was being all whiny and sleepless so, in honor of her putting up with my cranky self, I’ve combined one of my favorite things (Happy Endings) with one of our inside jokes: Paul Rudd.


Oh, I’m sorry, did I not mention that I now have  a Twitter account (and corresponding tumblr) dedicated to my love of ABC’s Happy Endings? Well, I do. I’ve had it for two weeks and I already have more followers there than on my personal account and none of them are people who follow my personal account or know me in any way. This  just gives me tremendous faith in the world that people love the show as much as I do and if they do maybe it’ll stay on the air for another season, or five. So, hey, I’m grateful for all those people. Y’all know good comedy.

I had a hilariously zoned-out chat with Amy yesterday. Imagine everything you think of when you hear the word “accountant” then reverse it and you have Amy. She makes talking about which tax forms to fill out feel like talking about what shoes to wear to a party.

That said, I’m not sure anything can top the amount of ridiculous laughter that was my conversation with Jamie; she is truly my soul sister in all things note-taking and she gets my ridiculous feelings about Pinterest. You have to love a girl who understands the crazy in you. She should also probably write a book called The Gospel of Twitter Lists, such is her sage social media wisdom.

I’m obviously grateful for Jamie being just an all-around awesome human being. She is easily my favorite person to follow on Twitter. Go read her Tweets! I’m also grateful to Jamie for putting up with my nitpicky ways in the design process. It has to be said that she got this blog’s header right on the very first try. I made her make a dozen changes and then I was like, “Yeah…about that. You know what you did in the first place? That was the real shit right there. Let’s go with that.” And she didn’t throw a sheep at me! She was just all gracious and stuff. And now, with my business header, I legitimately had no idea what I wanted but she just figured it all out. She’s like Yoda, you guys. Jamie is the Yoda of web design.

I should point out that those last two paragraphs were about two different people. I briefly contemplated doing it school-styley and doing FirstName LastInitial but they have the same last initial so that wouldn’t have worked. Then I considered doing it celebrity-styley and doing FirstName LastName but that’s so formal. And also, I always felt like it was so unfair to people with relatively common names that they couldn’t just be known by their first names. One of my best friends, Michael, still gets referred to by his full name by a lot of people we went to middle school with purely because there was another Michael in our class. Still, it’s something to consider when naming your kids, I guess. So, for all of you who may someday spawn, please keep in mind whether the name you give your child will lead to them being known as FirstName R. or FirstName C. for the rest of their lives.

And this week I am probably most grateful for Nicole. Go to her new website, by the way; it’s just been launched and there’s a f’awesome giveaway that closes on Monday so, go!

I am, of course, firstly grateful that she’s organized Bloggers in Sin City AKA The Reason for All My Online Shopping. My bio for it is up now, if you want to learn a couple of random things about me. But it’s the 6-Month Goal Smash that is just making my life right now and I haven’t even had my first monthly call. I think I clocked nearly twenty hours of work in doing the workbook that accompanies her Bullshit-Free Goal-Setting Formula (which she needs to patent, by the way) and it was amazing. I didn’t even care that it took me that long because it has given me such clarity about what I want and how to get there. I’ve learned so much that I feel like even if the program stopped right now? It would have been worth the money. Of course because the Universe is amazing, it doesn’t stop ’til June so I just get to be a kitty in catnip with my accountability and my goal-setting and Nicole being all wise with secrets and mind-blowing knowledge. If Jamie is Yoda, then Nicole is Dumbledore. An idea which, if followed all the way to its logical conclusion, means she’d be the first person I’d see on the other side. And I’d be like, “Nicole, is this real or just happening inside my head?” And she’d be all, “Of course it’s happening inside your head, Larissa, but why on earth should that mean that it’s not real?”

I don’t want to bring this down to a somber note because I’m just overflowing with love and gratitude and virtual hugs but I should mention that one of my best friends, Greta, attends classes at Lone Star College and those moments between hearing about the shooting and finding out she was okay were terrifying so, tell people you love them, you guys! I think the last thing I’d said to her before that was something about the inauguration. That’s not last words material. Food for thought.

  • Jamie 24 January, 2013, 3:43 pm

    Oh, I love me some Jamie. Both of them, but there’s no better lady to share my name with than that other Jamie. xo. And Nicole. HI!

    Also, this is obviously true love. I’m truly sad Happy Endings didn’t get brought up on our so profesh business conversation yesterday BECAUSE I LOVE IT. Following all accounts immediately.

    Love and adored talking to you yesterday.

    This new site is sexy. Duh.

  • Larissa Heart 24 January, 2013, 3:48 pm

    Ahhh, we were so destined for each other. I did wonder when I was looking at your Pinterest and I saw Year of Jamie. I thought, “Could it be? Nay, that would be asking for too much.”

  • nicole antoinette 25 January, 2013, 2:21 am

    I mean, MY HEART, it can’t handle all the warm squeezey feelings right now. Thanks so much, my dear!

    I’m so excited and honored to be working with you on your goals for 6 months – not to mention how fantastic it’s going to be to see you at BiSC and WDS.

    Best year ever? Best year ever.

  • Larissa Heart 25 January, 2013, 11:41 am

    You heart had better get used to it!

    Best. Year. Ever.